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Task 17: del.icio.us July 8, 2008

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I have played with this application before… it’s useful to be able to transport my bookmarks etc, and access them from the web. Especially as I’m building quite a collection of them.

You can find me here


Task 16: iGoogle

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I have already created an iGoogle account, and now I have my own personalised Google page, using a Steampunk visual theme and showing my preferred bits of information! It’s ALL GOOD.

If ONLY I could work for Google… I wonder if I could pick up some part-time work, or casual… on a project basis.. that I could do from home. Money is good, eh.


The power of the internet

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Task 15: Google Book Search

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It’s a good search interface; I like the use of book covers instead of text in your results page. Unfortunately few of the topics and genres I was interested in provided full-text access, but that’s to be expected.

But I DID find Jules Verne’s “Around the world in 80 days” 🙂


Task 14: Google Docs: my posted document

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(created using Google Docs Word program, and posted from iGoogle)
Google Docs: a rival for standard ‘Office’-type desktop applications?

Yes, I think it is. For simplified documents, the convenience of being able to access them and edit them from the Web outweighs any shortcomings, such as fewer formatting, preview, markup etc options.

Em Johnson
July 2008


Task 13: Google Earth and Maps, or; Suddenly the World seems smaller… July 7, 2008

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I discovered Google Earth a couple of years ago, and I still find it an astonishing tool, especially for the fact that it is free to download and install. I’ll never forget my father’s face when I showed it to him, he thought all of his Christmases had come at once.

I have now created a Google account so I can have a personalized Map. Here it is:

My house


Task 12: social networking galore

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I’ve been a FaceBooker for some little while now – find me as Em Johnson – and I joined up to MySpace for a short period just so I could get access to a musician friend’s blog and listen to his music.

Overall however I found MySpace horrible to use. I just hated how visually busy it was, and all the dreadful advertising… I canceled my account shortly after.

Can social networking applications be used to enhance L&IS services? My oath they can. But any web presence needs to be thought through CAREFULLY and designed to a specific purpose. Can they be used effectively for professional networking purposes? I can honestly say that so far, I haven’t got a job out of any of my networking subscriptions. but then, I didn’t join them for that purpose…

In general, I have to say I just love the whole social networking bit of Web 2.0. It suits my personality to a tee. In fact, I need to watch my time management ‘cos if I could I’d be doing it ALL DAY. And I suspect that’s actually not what I get paid to do professionally… 😉