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Task 24: LinkedIn August 18, 2008

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I am now Linked. Let’s see what comes of it…


Task 23: the 23 Things experience

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Well I’ve found it fun to catch up with the rest of my colleagues at Swinburne, not quite as quickly as I intended but certainly faster than some. Almost all of the tasks were familiar to me, and I’ve enjoyed having a chance to step back as it were, and critically evaluate some of the tools themselves.

I’m a little disappointed that my blog has had no comments from others… funny how one feels validated by that…

Let’s see how fast I can knock over the “+5” Things…


Task 22: Secondlife and libraries

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I’ve dabbled about in SecondLife since October 2006, so was very interested to find this blog, created especially to showcase Australian libraries and librarians in SecondLife.

I particularly like this entry in Kathryn Greenhill’s blog as it gives reasons why librarians – specifically – need to experience SL.