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Task 18: Library 2.0 and BEYOND July 8, 2008

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I’ve rejoined Ning in order to become involved in the “Library 2.0” network. It’s an interesting way to stay involved in discussions on this topic.

Most recruitment interviews these days involve some discussion of Library 2.0, so for this and also the fact that I’m personally and professionally interested, I can talk about it with some knowledge.

Library 2.0 is a catch-all phrase really. It’s best summed up (I think, and in my own words) thus:
It’s the way our profession is responding to Web 2.0. It’s us responding to and providing services and collections to Web 2.0 users: providing for environments and activities such as social networking, collaborative and interactive learning, flexible/’Google”-type resources discovery, 24×7 access to information…..

This and other exciting discussions happening over at Ning Library 2.0 now!

Check this out: a Wiki exclusively about and for Academic Libraries; exploring, discussing, showcasing and using Web 2.0. Look here, and in my Links.

I have added a copy of the 2008 Horizon report to the staff Wiki. It’s an annual report on a research collaboration between EDUCAUSE and the New Media Consortium, investigating emerging technologies and their impacts on learning and educational sectors. Sounds dry but … critically relevant to our profession. Check out more of this research, and forums etc, on the NMC’s website.


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