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Task 12: social networking galore July 7, 2008

Filed under: 23 Things — embilbie @ 4:33 pm

I’ve been a FaceBooker for some little while now – find me as Em Johnson – and I joined up to MySpace for a short period just so I could get access to a musician friend’s blog and listen to his music.

Overall however I found MySpace horrible to use. I just hated how visually busy it was, and all the dreadful advertising… I canceled my account shortly after.

Can social networking applications be used to enhance L&IS services? My oath they can. But any web presence needs to be thought through CAREFULLY and designed to a specific purpose. Can they be used effectively for professional networking purposes? I can honestly say that so far, I haven’t got a job out of any of my networking subscriptions. but then, I didn’t join them for that purpose…

In general, I have to say I just love the whole social networking bit of Web 2.0. It suits my personality to a tee. In fact, I need to watch my time management ‘cos if I could I’d be doing it ALL DAY. And I suspect that’s actually not what I get paid to do professionally… 😉


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